After 30 years of vigorous development, Guangzhou Baima Garment Market took the opportunity to open up a new chapter

Thirty compliments, Guangzhou White Horse Clothing Market (hereinafter referred to as "White Horse") has a brilliant development process. On January 8, White Horse celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. Industry association personages, well-known domestic fashion designers,


buyers from all over the country, fashion buyers and other guests gathered at the scene to celebrate the 30th anniversary of White Horse. On the anniversary day, the scene was crowded, and the positive signs of economic recovery were strongly emerging. Baima launched the New Year Shopping Festival, promoting consumption expansion and upgrading by issuing consumption vouchers and gifts, and helping to build Guangzhou as an international consumption center.


Guangzhou Baima Garment Market, as the core member of Yuexiu Group's "wholesale and retail industry chain owner", has been developing vigorously for 30 years, seeking breakthroughs in development and opening a new stage in changes. Guangzhou Baima Garment Market, which opened on January 8, 1993, is not only the incubation cradle of Chinese clothing brands, but also the leader of the development of Chinese clothing market.

In 2023, domestic consumption potential will continue to be released, and foreign markets will continue to recover. It is understood that White Horse will seize the new development opportunities and domestic and foreign market resources, and make innovations in the mode operation, market channels and brand empowerment mode. With some areas of the venue as the pilot, co-brand designers will innovate and operate new business models, increase support for designer brands and growth brands, and develop new business models for East China, Central China The precise promotion of the secondary market and business district in Dawan District will promote the sinking of high-quality brand channels in the venue, expand brand influence, and cultivate more small and medium-sized clothing enterprise brands to go out of the white horse and go to the world.


The transformation and upgrading continued to make efforts, and took the opportunity to open up a new chapter. In the future, Baima will continue to take root in the Chinese clothing market, consolidate its leading position in the field of professional market, continue to lead the high-quality development of China's textile and clothing circulation in terms of business model, channel reform, innovative operation, etc., help the construction of Guangzhou's fashion capital, and continue to write a new chapter in history.

Post time: Mar-13-2023